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With the Hatching Kit, you have all the necessary tools to incubate, hatch, and nurture your chicks, whether it's at home or in your classroom!

Your four-week program includes:

  • Fertile eggs - 7 chicken eggs

  • Step-by-step hatching guide with videos

  • Incubator with automatic egg turner

  • Candler (to see chicks in the egg!)

  • Brooder box (chick home)

  • Bedding, absorbent pads

  • Warming plate for chicks

  • Feeder and waterer

  • Chick starter feed

  • Phone/text support

  • Comprehensive elementary-level curriculum that can be customized to meet your needs (as a digital file)

By making this rental purchase, you are acknowledging your acceptance of the policies outlined below. Please read them!


Waiver & Release

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